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When Bob and Michelle Fish invited me to Chiapas, Mexico, I didn’t hesitate; I was all in.

As a self-proclaimed fangirl of One BIGG Island In Space (OBIIS), this was my first opportunity to be “Boots On the Ground.” I’ve been closely following the tales of OBIIS travels for years. This past year, I helped create the first annual OBIIS Calendar. The calendar features the Farm-Direct relationships around the world.

Translation? I have spent hours poring through the photos captured everywhere OBIIS has travelled.

Now, an opportunity to join the BIGG adventure? Yes, please!

I couldn’t wait to prepare:

  • Hiking boots, pants, extra socks, and OBIIS T-shirts ✔️
  • Water bottle, travel yoga mat, bug spray, and ear buds ✔️
  • Updated Hep A, Hep B, and Tetanus shot ✔️
  • Quick check of the expiration date on my passport ✔️

Good to go!

But, here’s the thing . . . all my hours studying photos, and all the stories shared with me by Bob and Michelle, didn’t fully prepare me for my experience in Chiapas.

Don’t get me wrong, I was ready for:

  1. Riding in the back of a pick up truck for a trek down the hill ✔️
  2. Slipping in mud while walking a mountainous coffee farm ✔️
  3. Battling motion sickness on yet another bouncy ride in a van ✔️

But, none of those capture the essence of traveling with OBIIS. For me, traveling with OBIIS was an incredible immersion.


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