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BIGGBY® COFFEE Partners with Living Hope International to Brew Change Internationally


East Lansing, MI, November 27, 2019–BIGGBY® COFFEE is thrilled to announce their new partnership with Living Hope International, a non-profit that operates an orphanage in Zambia and grows coffee as a means of sustainability. Unlike other coffee farms, Living Hope International produces coffee with a cause, and BIGGBY® COFFEE could not be more excited to partner with them and brew love throughout the earth. Customers can help brew a difference beginning this coming Giving Tuesday, December 3, when beans will be available for purchase and make their way into the brewed coffee rotation.


While BIGGBY® COFFEE strives to have the world’s best coffee, they aim to have a world-wide community impact. Working with Living Hope International allows BIGGBY® COFFEE to take a large step in that direction. With thoughtfully grown and prepared coffee, the coffee farm at Living Hope has the life-changing purpose to help children in Zambia who have suffered illness, hunger, and lost their parents thrive in a world where they normally couldn’t. When beans are purchased from Living Hope International, children in the orphanage receive love, hope, and education in a way they never have before.


As Living Hope cares for these children, they provide them education through the 12th grade and prepare them to continue their education in Zambia and contribute back to Zambian society.  BIGGBY® COFFEE is proud to have purchased an entire year’s crop from Living Hope International. Through the purchase of an entire year’s worth of coffee, 70 beds have been added to Living Hope’s orphanage—meaning 70 more children will receive this one-of-a-kind love and hope.


BIGGBY® COFFEE customers can expect high-quality coffee with an even richer flavor. Grown on the Living Hope property near Ndola, these coffee beans are grown in fertile soil, at an elevation of 4300 feet, and get careful attention, all producing a rich flavor that is sure to impress even the most discerning coffee connoisseur.


With the tagline “We grow leaders to change the world. We grow coffee to make it possible,” Living Hope International is the first of many thoughtful, concerted, and life-changing partnerships BIGGBY® COFFEE hopes to make over the years—with the goal of having half of their coffee beans in stores from direct farmer relationships within the next three years. BIGGBY® COFFEE is overjoyed to start meeting this goal with Living Hope as they help them grow tomorrow’s leaders.


CO-CEO Bob Fish visited Living Hope International and found that not only are the beans grown in a sustainable environment, but the workers are well-cared for and paid three times the national average. The workers are passionate about their jobs and strive to grow and pick the best coffee possible.

“Each dormitory has a house mother who is with [the children] full time, all the time. She teaches them how to clean and cook, and keeps them focused on their studies, but there’s a lot of love and play in it, too. You can feel the pride each house mother has for her young charges,” Fish said in his December 2, 2018, blog post “Our First Day at the Living Hope International Orphanage.”


Not only does Living Hope care for and educate the children within their orphanage, but they make efforts to improve the quality of life for those in the surrounding community. In 2018 Living Hope installed a soccer field next to the children’s dormitories—not just for the children in the orphanage, but for children throughout the community. Living Hope holds summer art, music, dance, and sports camps for children in the orphanage and surrounding community; and as a good neighbor, Living Hope provided a public water well so families can avoid the daily task of hiking several miles each day for water.


As BIGGBY® COFFEE intensifies its efforts to work with organizations like Living Hope International, customers can expect to see greater care taken to ensure BIGGBY® COFFEE serves the finest coffee with the best purpose. As Fish and his wife travel the world to find these organizations and bring them to BIGGBY® COFFEE, follow their blog at to hear more about their journeys and findings.



Customers can expect to see BIGGBY® COFFEE’s first Living Hope coffee—Ubumi—to brew in stores starting on Giving Tuesday, December 3. This delicious single origin coffee can be purchased as a brew or in a bag! And, remember: when you love the world, the world will love you back.


For more information on Living Hope International, their mission, and how you can help, visit




BIGGBY® COFFEE, East Lansing, Mich.-based, was started with a single store on March 15, 1995. One year later, and on the cusp of opening a second location, Bob Fish and Michael McFall, on a handshake and $4,000, decided to franchise the concept. BIGGBY® COFFEE’s cultural values of Make Friends, Have Fun, B Yourself, and Share Great Coffee help coffee-lovers and the coffee-curious alike benefit from a less pretentious and fun approach to the standard gourmet cafe paradigm. Besides connoisseur-worthy drinks with pronounceable names like Teddy Bear® and Caramel Marvel®, BIGGBY® baristas provide a unique experience focused on brightening their customers’ day and supporting them in building a life they love. The “Big ‘B’” on the orange background caught on, and today BIGGBY® COFFEE has more than 230 cafes across many states and counting including Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Kentucky, and Florida. In 2018, BIGGBY® launched an Area Representative Program and currently has 8 Area Representatives in 6 states.


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